How Our Member Purchasing Power Can Help Your Practice

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For over twenty years, the team at Dental Innovations have used their members purchasing power to negotiate with suppliers to get the best deal possible. It is because of this that our members have access to a range of savings and services that help them in their practice. Practice owners spend a lot of time and energy in building and developing your practice. It can be tough, time consuming, lonely, and evidently stressful but what we know for sure is with a little extra help it could be a breeze.

By implementing our purchasing power, we have been able to negotiate discounts with suppliers on the market prices of their products. Our members receive exclusive rates from all our suppliers which include: Dentsply Sirona, Adam Dental, Ark Health, Dentavision, Erksine Dental, Gunz, Ivoclar, SDI, The Humble Co, and Troll Dental. We have negotiated 15-20% off the market price of their products to benefit our members. Our members access constant year-round savings on their dental consumables with which savings can reach up to thousands of dollars.

We also offer a range of services that will aid your practice in what you need whether that be discounted HICAPS, business services, practice management software, or marketing materials. Whether you are just starting out or already have an established practice we will have something to help you.

One of our core services is our Online Ordering Portal; the system was created for practices to ensure timeliness and effectiveness when placing orders. The portal allows practices to order from all of our suppliers in the one spot which means that you won’t have to visit numerous supplier websites in order to put your order through. We have made it simple – it is all in the one place.  

At Dental Innovations we offer our members a range of services that aid them in the ownership of their practice. It is with these services that your practice is able to truly get the most out of your membership. We offer our members exclusive discounts on HICAPS and Tyro, practice management software, JB Hifi business, Channel D and much more.

We have also been working tirelessly to ensure that our members have all the marketing tools they could possibly need at their disposal; whether you want to run the marketing yourself or you would like a third party to do it for you, we have all the solutions.

Our newest partner, Zen Dental, offers practices a free competitive analysis to our members. As a part of this service, they offer a High-Converting Website Design, Google Maps SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Digital Assessment Packages, and SEO Content; this is a paid service for our members.

Our in-house marketing tools for members include Social Sharing which is an online content library containing images, captions, and hashtags already to be posted to your socials. It also contains blogs and videos which are readily available for you to share. There is also an ability to implement a blog onto your website with what we call our ‘virtual blog’ system. We will then be able to post new SEO blogs to your site monthly written with keywords to drive traffic to your website.

A good practice requires good business skills, marketing skills, stock management skills, procurement skills, accounting knowledge, and knowledge about HR as well – the list can go on. The challenges faced by private practice owners can be vast not to mention the on-going battle with health fund practices and corporations. A private practice owner can find themselves drowning amongst the mundane issues that they, perhaps, have never dealt with before. But with the help of the team and services that Dental Innovations has to offer, practice owners will be able to spend less time worrying about the mundane and focusing on what they do best.

With more on offer for practices than we have ever had in the past, now is the time to join Dental Innovations. If you are interested, want to know more, or have any questions about what we do please either give us a call on 03 9698 0200 or email us at