Leading the Way with Our Digital Portfolio

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At Dental Innovations we are extremely proud over the evolution of our company now as we are firmly in the Digital Age, we are leading the way in terms of the diversity and capacity of our digital portfolio. As our network continues to grow so too does our digital services that work to benefit our members and help ease the stresses of running a dental practice. We are continually pushing the bounds with our digital portfolio to find ways in which we can help our members. So, what is on offer in our digital portfolio? 

Online Order System (OLO)

Our online ordering system is one of the biggest advantages of signing up to the Dental Innovations Network, it creates a seamless transition of ordering which allows you to order from our suppliers all in the one place, long gone are the days of placing numerous separate orders for your practice. On the OLO you are able to order with multiple suppliers in one order, you can see the prices of the products before you buy, have a confirmed record of placing an order, create, store a list of your practice’s regularly used products which means you avoid repetitive search for products, generate a report, budget, and order approval options are also available.

When you sign up with Dental Innovations you will be given access to numerous tools that will help you navigate this new system as well as our lovely staff offering free tutorials to take you through the OLO system to get you and your team acquainted with the software to get the best out of what we have on offer. 

Asset Register

The Asset Register is a cloud-based resource, free for members, that will allow practice to securely store the details of their business assets online. On it users are able to keep track of asset details which includes price, purchase dates, and warranty data, service and repair information, insurance information, and contact information from vendors and third parties. This allows you to keep all your asset details in one place that will save users time and hassle in the future. All these details can then be exported from the cloud into an excel file for their claim reference and ease. 

Social Sharing

Our Social Sharing platform is your key to social media marketing, it is a free service for Dental Innovations members that contains numerous types of content for you to save, download and post to your own social media sites. The site consists of images, text posts, gifs, videos, blogs as well as suggested captions and hashtags for the associated images. They are created and curated by our in-house team and when you download an image you are also able to download it with suggested hashtags for the associated posts. This is a new platform that we are continually updating to have content at the ready for members to post directly to their social sites. 

Events Platform

Our new events platform is the space that serves as our members home for upcoming webinars, courses, and live events from both the Dental Innovations team and our partners. This is a space where our members can register to numerous events to further develop their skills, sharpen their knowledge on certain products, or even learn how to get the best out of what our members site has to offer. Webinars are regularly run by our team to show you the ins and outs of the OLO platform and the Social Sharing platform. 

Dentist Network

One thing that both we and our members love is our network chat forum. This was initially created as a way of enabling free communication between practice owners. The network is designed to be a safe moderated space where our members can exchange opinions and ideas. The Dentist Network serves as the place to facilitate discussions between practice owners which range from treatment options, product questions, wage questions; the options are endless.

Our digital portfolio is vast and continues to evolve as does the technology used in practices today. With the tools from our membership platform on your side it can help ease the stresses of running a dental practice. There is little that cannot be done on our membership platform and our members are equipped with all the tools they need to flourish. If you want to know more about the Dental Innovations membership or our digital portfolio, please email headoffice@dentalinnovations.com.au