The Members Network

One of the key values of Dental Innovations is our dentist members openly sharing knowledge and ideas to assist other dentists and to break down the isolation barriers of being in private practice.

This is facilitated within our network in several ways, online via our members Chat forum as well as our exclusive Webinars. Although these avenues are important, they cannot replace the value of personal contact and the open exchange of ideas created by dentist members getting together.

Innovate your practice with a simpler ordering system

In today’s modern dental practice there are a number of considerations to make when it comes to the ordering of dental supplies. From minimising the cost of materials and holding stock, to comparing prices, finding specials and finally communicating your orders to suppliers. It is no wonder that finding an effective ordering practice has become a universal problem across all dental practices.

The Optimistic Outlook for Independent Dentists

The mindset of optimism is invaluable for independent practice owners in today’s market. 

With unprecedented changes occurring in our industry with the continuous growth of corporate dentistry and health fund encroachment into dental services it is easy and understandable for independent dental practices to be intimidated by the changes occurring around them and form a pessimistic view of the future. 

However there is good reason for independent dentists to be optimistic about the future.

Is Your Ordering Under Control?

Ordering dental consumables is the second largest expense at a dental practice. However, placing orders should not be time consuming and difficult. This is why Dental Innovations has developed a very sophisticated online ordering portal with the input of our 550 members who use the system. This provides member’s access to a highly efficient ordering system as well as exclusive supplier pricing for more than 45,000 products and savings of 15-20 % off market prices for their consumables. There is a reason this system is helping dentists for over a decade and we are continuously enhancing its features by member input.

Celebrating 20 years of Practices owners being proactive

20 years ago the Dental Industry was a very different place. Only Dentists could own dental practices, computers in practices were a rarity, the appointment book was an actual book, and the internet was in its infancy. There were no corporates, HICAPs had not yet been invented, Health Funds had no influence in dentistry and Henry Schein and Halas were separate and competing companies.