Innovate your practice with a simpler ordering system

With dentists often spending anywhere up to $100,000 a year on consumables, this level of expenditure would be seen
as a major procurement exercise for any business. But for many dental practices it is often seen as a spur-of-the-moment
activity, done when absolutely necessary and with little transparency. With a new culture arising for shopping around, the
time and effort spent on ordering can also lead to a false economy.
As the focus is now on efficiency in the workplace, Dental Innovations sat down with one of its New Zealand members’
practice manager Lana Simpson to find out how she has systemised the ordering process within the practice.
Lana has worked as the practice manager for Dr Dylan Yung of Aevitas Dentistry for the last several years.
Along with an additional 13 year stint as practice manager for orthodontists’ Max + Beresford, Lana has a combined 20 years’
experience in stock ordering.

From minimising the cost of materials and holding stock, to comparing prices, finding specials and finally communicating your orders to suppliers

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